About ZCM

Zivita Crypto Mining provides a great entry point and oportunity for everyone to secure a stake in the cryptocurrency industry. We are committed to making sure you achieve your investment goals, with full mining network and affiliate system at your disposal. Our logical mining plans ensures level playing field and sustainable platform for all levels of investors.

Bitcoin, Ethereum,Bitcoincash and other cryptocurrencies operate as mutual networks, which means every user of the currencies is an integral part of the network.

Mining involves the use of special hardware and advanced software technology to solve complex mathematical problems. Miners are rewarded with bitcoin, ethereum,bitcoincash or othr digital currencies when a problem is solved. This system enables further generation of the mined cryptocurrency, by motivating more miners to join the system.

As the popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies increase,more miners join the network, which makes it harder to solve these math problems. For this reason Mining is no longer feasible for an individual and it will continue to get even harder. This has led to the creation of cloudmining, where many people combine their computing power and increase their odds to mine for Bitcoin.


Each Zivita Crypto Mining package offers all members the opportunity to purchase shares in exchange for a percentage of all Bitcoin,ethereum and bitcoincash mined from our data center. Our mining facilities are located in highly secured and secret data centers in Iceland and Mongolia. These locations were chosen for their suitable temperate climate and perfect cooling conditions, which have helped in cutting down electricity and energy costs, both financially and environmentally.

Each package is valid for 100 working days before expiring. A commission of 2% daily from every bitcoin(satoshi),ethereum and bitcoin cash mined, would be paid for each package a member purchases. The balance from every bitcoin mined would be used for maintenance and expansion of mining facilities.

Zivita Crypto Mining company is a legal entity registered with data centers and secured mining facilities located in Iceland and Mongolia. The company was founded by a network of pioneer cryptocurrency miners and network marketers. The company aims to pursue the vision of the father and founder of bitcoin Satoshi Nakomoto, which is to establish a system of money which is fully under the control of the people.

In Zivita mining,we aim to build a complete and valuable business experience around our members. We are committed to making sure you receive premium value for your money, and be succesfully/positively integrated into the fast paced and technologically driven crypto currency eco-system.